Sunday, May 17, 2009

Piece of (Cup)Cake!

Crumbles Cupcakery had a most eventful week. It was a smashing success (if we do say so ourselves).

It's exciting, reaffirming, and invigorating how fast all of this is happening. Just this week we found a friend to help us with branding and a logo, met with another friend who talked told us
 about her recent experience with GROW, and made an appointment with yet another friend who volunteered to help us work out all the legal matters that go along with starting a business. It really does pay to know people! Even though it's only been a few weeks, I think Allison and I can easily see this dream turning into a reality. 

We also rocked out our first large order this week and would you just look at that Boston Cream Pie cupcake?! So. Darn. Cute!

I was a little nervous about getting the timing on these cupcakes right - I wanted everything to be fresh without spending 24 straight hours in the kitchen! As usual, I worried for nothing. We were organized and efficient and with a little teamwork we got everything done. No problem! We cannot wait to hear how the cupcakes went over at the shower. Hopefully there was nothing left at the end but crumbles!

Oh, and Allison made these to-die-for placecards to describe the cupcakes. Aren't they perfect?

There is so much joy in cupcakes. Allison and I agree that every 
moment of baking, filling, mixing, beating, whipping, and tasting is a pleasure but nothing beats seeing others enjoying our little labors
of love. 

With a little good fortune, a lot of hard work, and pinch of dedication there will be much more of this fun to come!  


  1. Well, I've been a very happy and willing "quality assurance tester" for Allison and sara and all I can say is YUMMY! I'm going to have to step up my cardio if I want to hang onto this privilege!!!

  2. Wow, it took me a while to find your blog! As I told you in person, the cupcakes and the gorgeous placards were *extremely* well received, with the Irish Car Bobms disappearing in about 10 seconds.

    Thanks for your hard and delicious work, ladies.