Monday, August 3, 2009

Cupcake Update

Woah! It's been an exciting few weeks for Crumbles. (So exciting in fact, we've been slacking on our blog!) To make a long story short- in the last month we've attended our first small business development classes, finalized all of our licensing, signed our kitchen lease, chosen fonts, and have narrowed down our concepts for branding and logos. It's a lot of work, but its fun and exciting, and all coming together...our dream is now a reality!

With all of our legal & licensing necessities out of the way, we're excited to be able to focus more on keeping our customers and fans updated via this blog, along with other channels such our Twitter and Flickr pages. We'll also be adding a Facebook page in the near future, feature flavor profiles, and unveil our final flavor list!

Finally, our most exciting news is that the post from Cupcakes Take the Cake was online this week. They did a spotlight of our photographs - so make sure to check it out!

As always, thanks for your support of Crumbles, and keep checking back for new updates!

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